Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MG* Girl Spy!

Kelly- Ms. Kelly looked naturally beautiful in this photo we spotted of her in NYC coming from an interview. We hear that her next single is "Work" off of her cd.

Ashanti- Ms. Ashanti was looking great as usual, with her family celebrating her Mother's birthday.
(the bang is HOT!) Anyway, we like the new single Ashanti and we're waiting on that new album.

Amanda Bynese- Miss bynes is looking all grown up in this photo of her leaving The toay Show July 18. GWe expect to see her around for a long time.

Monday, July 23, 2007

R.I.P. to Liz Claiborne: The Boss of 9-5...

Even though we are super late. How could we be a fashion/life/music/etc, etc. blog if we were not to pay homage to Liz Claiborne?!? The fashion icon of the working woman. Liz was noted for representing for the earlier generation of fashion in the workplace. A writer for the Washington Post dubs her as "The Boss of 9-5". We think she's just the BOSS! She started an empire that is carried on today by brands like Juicy Couture, Enyce, and so many more. Thanks Liz!

Here's to a life well lived!

MG* Designer of the WEEK: Karl Lagerfeld

"Normal people think I’m insane."

Karl Lagerfeld-

Karl, we LOVE you!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

MG* New Music Review: Rihanna!

Wow, Rihanna has been coming full force lately! Except this time around the good girl gone bad is taking no prisoners with her glam rock style. WE LOVE it! But that's no surprise if she wants to be the next Madonna as she hopes to be. We say she has some big high heel pumps to fill but, she is well on her way to becoming the next 'Material Girl' herself! Go Ri-Ri !

Friday, July 20, 2007

MG* New Music Review: Solange: Solo Star!

It's time for round two of Solange's solo effort. Except, this time Solange is experienced, and it SHOWS on her latest singles. With all the news that's been surrounding her in the past few years, the Solo Star puts it all into perspective in "White Picket Dreams". AND we kinda digg it. It has a cool neo-soul feel to it, but that's no surprise because Solange has been known to like neo soul artists; Q-tip hosted her 21st birthday! how cool is that?

Anyway tell us what you think... We think Solange needs to hook us up with those shoes!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MG* Guy Spy

T.I.- So there is a God. At least we think so, MG* peeped a very bronzed T.I. in south beach at club PRIVE in Miami. We only wish that when we went to Miami it looked as good as this. [sigh]

Mario- The oh-so-cool Mario was spotted at Duvet in NYC last Sunday hosting "Pillow talk Sundays". He looks suave as usual. This event also featured the 'oh-so-cool rapper' Cam'ron.

Jim Jones- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We heard it was a celebration for Jim Jones and by the looks of the pictures, (Baaaallllliinnnn-Sorry, had to say it.) the place was HOT! Anyway, we wish the Capo an even hotter year! sweat looks kinda good on you Jim. :)

MG* 'Update Ya'

Ever dream of wearing Roberto cavalli? but your pockets screamed H&M?? Well, now you can have the best of both worlds!! We're serious!
According to H&M:
"The "Roberto Cavalli at H&M" collection will be available in approximately 200
selected H&M stores worldwide for a limited period of time starting from
November 8th 2007.

The line will consist of iconic menswear, 20 pieces, and womenswear, 25 pieces,
including lingerie plus matching accessories."

November 8th 2007

MG* Designer of the Week: Roberto Cavalli

"Fashion should be fun and put the woman in the spotlight with a little bit of danger, you know."
-Roberto Cavalli