Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fashion god: Mr. Lagerfeld!

Some of you may wonder why he is so effin great, or u may not care but MG* adores him. MG* recently found that Lagerfeld will be making a directorial debut about non other than Chanel. Although, we probably will have to watch it via YouTube, our popcorn is already set to the side for the upcoming flick. Now, if we could just figure out how to get those gunshoes, all will be well in life....♥

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

All I wanna do is [Bang Bang Bang] and take ya moneyyyyy!

We here at MG* have been ranting and raving about these masterpiece shoes. They are to die for!!! You may have seen a few celebs rockin' them lately but screw that, these need to be a part ofthat stimulus check Obama's tryna pass out in '09. These will be on the Xmas list if you were wondering...Until then, I'll be in my room with a sharpie and some cardboard making my "Will work for Shoes" sign. Who knows, I might be on a corner near you...besos.

(in case you were wondering who the white hair belonged to, that's the fashion god himself, Mr. K. Lagerfeld)

Nene of Real Housewives of Atlanta...

And the 2008 'Keepin it Real' Award goes to....
(drumroll please!)

Nene! At first I must say she was one to question. I mean those low cut tops, flamboyant attitude and mannerisms to match were, umm.... well let's just say they were "interesting". But she kept the entertainment going. And when it came to setting the record straight, homegirl took the cake and got Kim outta here!
(" small of look rediculous!")- Nene to Kim

and let's face it Kim's song, "Like a Tightrope" was like walking a tightrope over the firey pits of hell, Oh the agony!