Sunday, December 30, 2007

MG* Spy: Angie Lola Luv!

Angie, Angel, Lola-Luv... Whatever you know her by you can't deny her recent success. She went from 50cent's protege to the Bo$$! Recently MG*caught her on the set of her new film, "Crazy Like A Fox" via her new fan site and RealTalk NY. All we can say is we can't knock her hustle & we hope the D.C. diva does her thing! The movie comes out sometime in 2008, but until then you can keep tabs on Lola-Luv on

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MG* Spy: Freaky Gurrrrrl!

She's a very freaky gurrrlll! ;) Kim is doing what she does best Freaking and Killing it at the same Time! She was spotted over the weekend in the ATL at the grand opening of the club Dreamz. She was performing with Gucci Mane. Looks like Gucci is getting it too, Okay Kim! She looks nice we digg that Gucci belt Gucci Mane! Send us one!

*In other news Kim is dropping her new mixtape and from what we heard its Hot!

MG* 'Update Ya': Solange Inks Deal at Geffen!

You may remember we told you about Solange's latest solo effort a while back. She release two sort of official singles Champagne.Chronic Nightcap and White Picket Dreams, both of which will be on her upcoming album Hadley Street Dreams. Since then, Solo remixed Champagne. Chronic Nightcap with Weezy F. Baby! HOT! Recently she also signed a new deal with Geffen Records and plans to drop her album in the 2nd quarter of 2008. Here's what we peeped on from Geffen Records chairman Ron Fair :

All we can say is 'Can't wait'...we'll keep you updated!

MG* Swag: Hammer Time

STOP! Hammer Time!! At least according to some of the designers featured in Paris' fashion week. Spring 2008 collections were filled with 'flowy-airy' type fabrics that swing away from the silhouette. Nice, gives us room for that second scoop of ice cream! Anyway, one noticeable trend was the reincarnation of the 'Hammer Pants'. So far we're on board with this trend especially if the Nina Ricci's (far right) are available in our size! :) What do YOU think?

At least we know Hammer would be Proud!?!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

MG* New Music Review: Ciara

That's riiiiight! (in our southern accent) "Cici" - Ciara's country alter ego has officially dropped her latest video. She definitely has the whole "get me bodied" theme down! Lol. Ciara brings her a-game with her dance moves I bet she gives 50 cent a run for his $$$. Go Cici! But we'll get back to you with those high top Reebok's and that outfit?!?

Monday, December 24, 2007

MG* Product Pick!: Happy Holidays!

Its that time of the year an whether or not you celebrate Christmas or not Treat yourself don't Cheat yourself. You have worked all year and just in case you didn't get that B'Phone, that Amy Winehouse cd, a zune, a Vicky Secret bra or your favorite perfume, Now's your chance! We vote the Amy Winehouse cd. It's something every Material Girl should have on hand! ♥

MG* 'Update Ya': Lil Mama's Mom

Recently raptress Lil Mama lost her mother after her battle with cancer. We just wanted to say we send our condolences and continue to be as strong as you can!

MG* Happy Holidaze!!

HAPPY Holidays From MG* to YoU!! ♥

MG* New Music Review: Ashlee Simpson

It seems like producer Timbaland has the magic touch with music these days. He does it again with Ashlee Simpson giving her a retro-80's type sound. It's kinda cool the video definitely goes with the song. Congrats Ashlee on keeping up the cool style throughout your career.

MG* New Music Review: Britney Spears

Britney Spears recently released her second single off the album "Blackout" and it's just what we wanted to hear from her. We have to admit we lost hope in Ms. Spears, but she definitely proved us wrong with this single. She snaps back at all her critics and hopefully shuts them up for good. Good, now only if she can help her sis Jamie Lynn. What is it with the Spears family?

MG* Product Pick!: Princess!

Vera Wang released her perfume Princess a while ago but we decided it's our choice scent of the year. It's almost the end of the year and 2008 we hear will be great, so smell good for the occasion! You were 'Born to Rule'!