Friday, February 22, 2008

MG* Whatcha Think?!?

Can You Tell Which One Costs More??

Hint*- One shoe choice goes for about $110! While the other is crafted out of the finest leathers (
both are leather forms) and retails for $650! Mmmm, it isn't always what you think! So, don't judge a book, or a shoe by its cover!

MG* 'Update Ya': 2 Kings Dinner: Update!!**

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**UPDATE!!** So, recently we posted the picture of Beyonce and G. Union at Jay-Z's 2 Kings dinner. We were absolutely infatuated with the black & white pumps she wore. We did some research and for starters those are Chanel originals that retail for about $895! The pic on the left is straight from their website...the smaller pic; far right, is our cheaper comparison. Baaaaallliinnnn on a budget ain't easy, but we try to make it work! You can find the budget choice at Nine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Material Girl*: Ashmalli!

Material Girl interview:

Name: Ashmalli
Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Where u from?

Guyana, South America living in NYC

Shoes u wore today?
Hush Puppy comfy winter boots.

Your favorite Material?
I'd have to say Chiffon. I just think it makes a great anything and can make any outfit completely dressed up.

"Can't live without... A cool pair of skinny jeans. They're perfect for summer nights, pumps and all. Not to mention winter days tucked into boots.

“In my past life I was... Myself. Really! I couldn't picture me being anyone else.

"In my Material World...
Everyone would be able to go to the store, pick up whatever they wanted, and walk on out. LOL!

“I’m a Material Girl because…
I simply enjoy the finer things in life :)

"My Material Girl ( tip is... or Your Favorite quote...

“Make yourself happy, it's all that matters in the end.” I live by this one because in order for others to even make you happy, you must 1st know how to do so yourself.

MG* 'Update Ya': 2 Kings Dinner

Recently, Beyonce & Gabrielle Union were 2 Queens spotted at Jay Z's annual 2 Kings Dinner. They look fabulous, but Miss Knowles is killin' them softly with those black & white pumps!! We will update this post as soon as we find out who designed those babies...UPDATED!! check newer posts ; )

MG* New Music Review: Ashanti!

Even though this song is still growing on us, we thought u might wanna see it! However you feel about the song, Ashanti looks nice. Very Glam!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HAPPY Valentine's Day: CELEB GRAMMY Style

Image and video hosting by TinyPic! We spotted all the HOT couples at the Grammies. Yep, Yep, that is Chris Breezy!

Fergie & Fiancee- Fergie and the love of her life were looking not so clumsy at a Grammy after party; she is now engaged, to actor Josh Duhamel. Nice looking couple.

C.Brown & RiRi- Well he did say she could be his Cinderella on the "Umbrella" RMX. Guess he meant it. : ) They make an interesting couple. Lately they have been seen all over together. Sources say they even have matching star tattoos...Sound familiar...yea, "that" couple's up next...

JZ & Beyonce- were looking absolutely fab! They were spotted at a Grammy after party taking candids. Nice color choice Bey, we don't see yellow everyday!

New Music Review: Miss E RMX!

Okay so, some of you club goers may have heard the original version of this song but have you heard the remix? Didn't think so...For the REmiX Missy called up Cici and the Young Hova to grace the track. They do pretty well considering the beat is crazy...Listen and review. Ciara has been remixing a lot this year she also remixes Janet's "Feedback".

Hate it OR Luv it?!?!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

MG* for a Cause!

Although, we won't tell you who to vote for, it's nice to know who we have to choose from. Cool video...Barack the vote!

MG* 'Update Ya': Superbowl!

Just when u thought the Superbowl didn't have Material Girls! Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks hold it down! They are some of the reported performers of the Superbowl!

MG* 'Update Ya': Janelle Monae

What's this we hear? Janelle Monae may be signed to Bad Boy Ent!(B.B.E.) Go Diddy! (for recognizing true talent) Anywho, Miss Monae, a sorta neo-soul rock-a-billy influenced artist, recently performed in NYC and some sources are hinting that she may be the newest addition to B.B.E. Interesting, we never pictured her signing with Diddy but it is kinda HOT! when u think about it!?!
"And when his newest act, the OutKast-influenced Janelle Monae, flaunted her unique talent with a lively performance, Diddy stood up on the booth where he was seated and cheered her on."
: Hip Hop Elements

If you think u could rock with her catch her latest news @ her fan site...

MG* Spy!

Mariah Carey!- "MG* & Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers..." haha! Anywho, M.C. was spotted spending $$ like its going out of style in Cali recently. Sources say she hit up the Gucci store and a few other boutiques. That's a true Material Girl for ya!

Lil Kim!- Kim and Marc Jacobs were doing it big once again, leaving us all green with envy! Kim showed her support to the famous designer at his exclusive screening of his documented life with Louis Vuitton.

Jennifer Lopez!- Jenny from the block is about to be Mommy from the block! The paparazzi caught the mother to be in NYC doing a little last minute shopping. JLo is said to be pregnant with twins! Congrats!