Thursday, July 31, 2008

MG* Spy!!

Orange ya glad you read Material Girl!! Sorry had to go there. Anyway it appears that orange is the new black. These divas were spotted around the globe rockin there orange fits. It's nice to see a new color 'en vogue.

*click on the pic to make it bigger. ; )

Cassie: No TALENT Needed

Even Lil Wayne sounds bad on this song. Apparently, NO Talent is the new black and Cassie and Angela Simmons are in style. But one of Russell's nieces (cue Kanye West's 'Put On' verse) is another topic. Cassie absolutely ruined this song and as a homage to true talent you will only hear real talent being played on this blog, if there's any left.

THE REAL TALENT Karina Paisan already recorded this song and killed it! LISTEN to Karina Pasian - Official Girl

I think I may wear black the rest of the week to pay my respect to the talented music. Somebody please find these two, they're needed in the music game right now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Material Dolls!

LISTEN to The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up (Megamix feat. Eve, Darkchild, Diddy, Lil Wayne & Fat Man Scoop)

'When I Grow Up'... I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star...well not really. But, I love this song. I mean the remix makes it HOT! It's funny cause is it me or does Diddy being on this song make you think of Danity Kane? It kinda makes me wanna compare the two groups. This song is the shit regardless, makes me wanna work out. Hahaha...yea.

Oh yea whatever happened to the girl that won the PCD contest to be in the group??

Friday, July 25, 2008

style smile :)

So I always wanted to rock a cummerbund. Yea, those things that go around the waist on a men's tuxedo. But I didn't want to wear it the traditional way. --->
Cuz um, besides being boring, that would be WEAK!!! So I kinda let the idea go until I thought of something better. I mean I really have been coming across some nice ones. Most cummerbunds come in vibrant colors and sometimes hot prints, because with a tux, this is usually the piece that ties it all together besides the tie. (like this hot couple-> lol!)

Recently in my daily search for HoT SHIT! I came across the most unlikely source for inspiration. Thomas Pink. No it's not some gay internet blogger it's actually an acclaimed clothing line that appears to be based out of London!?! Who knew? I didn't. Anywho, look what I found....pure Hotness!!
Why didn't I think of this? Well there you go. Look out for Materials Girls everywhere rockin' this smle style :)

OH YEA THIS OUR 125th post!!! GO US!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MG* Still Stylin' U!

What Up? What Up? Just felt like sayin that...hahah! Anyway, so if you're anything like us you are kinda hooked on 'The Hills'. I think we all have had a "Brody" or a friend like Audrina and a _____ like Heidi Montag in our lives! Well now the link between our realities will be alot smaller. LC has her own clothing line so now we too can walk around like the LC of our city.
*P.S. LC already has started her clothing line but it's news to us so we hope its news to yall!

check her out....

Monday, July 07, 2008

MG* Stylin on U!

We found this hot youtube video that shows us how to get one of the many looks of Mrs. Knowles-Carter, her elegant braid updo. We also found some other celebs rockin' a similar style. This look may be do-able, you should try it too!

MG* Update Ya!: J. Sullivan

This girl is headed for the top! Her song 'I Need You Bad' is already in heavy rotation and we hear she's a musical genius so we can expect more where that came from. Go Jazmine, you are an official Material Girl*