Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fashion god: Mr. Lagerfeld!

Some of you may wonder why he is so effin great, or u may not care but MG* adores him. MG* recently found that Lagerfeld will be making a directorial debut about non other than Chanel. Although, we probably will have to watch it via YouTube, our popcorn is already set to the side for the upcoming flick. Now, if we could just figure out how to get those gunshoes, all will be well in life....♥

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

All I wanna do is [Bang Bang Bang] and take ya moneyyyyy!

We here at MG* have been ranting and raving about these masterpiece shoes. They are to die for!!! You may have seen a few celebs rockin' them lately but screw that, these need to be a part ofthat stimulus check Obama's tryna pass out in '09. These will be on the Xmas list if you were wondering...Until then, I'll be in my room with a sharpie and some cardboard making my "Will work for Shoes" sign. Who knows, I might be on a corner near you...besos.

(in case you were wondering who the white hair belonged to, that's the fashion god himself, Mr. K. Lagerfeld)

Nene of Real Housewives of Atlanta...

And the 2008 'Keepin it Real' Award goes to....
(drumroll please!)

Nene! At first I must say she was one to question. I mean those low cut tops, flamboyant attitude and mannerisms to match were, umm.... well let's just say they were "interesting". But she kept the entertainment going. And when it came to setting the record straight, homegirl took the cake and got Kim outta here!
(" small of look rediculous!")- Nene to Kim

and let's face it Kim's song, "Like a Tightrope" was like walking a tightrope over the firey pits of hell, Oh the agony!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"a post it?"

Even though Carrie Bradshaw will probably never look at a post it the same way again, Post Its are a college girl's best friend. Yes. Post Its are flyy.

Barack Obama 2008- Put a Ring on It

Put a Ring on It! Barack 2008 (shameless plug.)

Monday, October 13, 2008

put a ring on it!

In the words of the infamous...I liked it so I put a ring on it! haha! Yea Yea Yea so what she meant something else, that's how I'm doing it from now it.

Put a Ring on It!!

21 and I realized...

Soooo recently, MG* has celebrated all the homies bdays!! Yay we're legal right? But what does it mean when you're of age and you have not reached the things you thought you would have?!? Do you still reach for them or do you re-prioritize? Maybe its both; set sail in motion and reach to achieve.

'Thangs aint what they used to be huh?' Can someone please take us back to the days of double-dutch and Lisa Frank school supplies?? Cuz this grown up stuff is rocky. But hey, at least we can order life on the rocks now! hah!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oww! Sandcastle Disco

Baby don't blow meeee awaaayyyy! Sandcastle Disco! Yea so, Solo delivers once again style must really run in the veins of the Knowles fam.

Bbaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiinnnn.....via Mobile!?!

Now this defintely is only for those on baller status. I mean everybody shops online, but how many shop via their cell phone?

Just imagine right after you send that text, you order that Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt you wanted?
Hmm...sounds good! Up until now that sounded virtually unheard of. But Ralph Lauren demands a little cellular power too. It's reported that the famous clothing empire plans to launch Mobile Shopping.

So now you have no excuse as to why you didn't get that Christmas/Bday Gift? Just one question, will this be on my cell phone bill?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Personal...

Solange performing at Stone Soul Picnic.

So usually I blog about everything & everyone else. But, when I saw this YouTube video I straight lmao!

Like two weeks ago
Washington, DC held its annual Stone Soul Picnic for all the locals- like me! Even though I was late as usual, I still rolled down there with some of my favorite buddies.(in the HEAT! damn it was HOT!) It was pretty cool b/c honestly its been a while since I saw ppl I knew, hung w/ my favs, laughed at ppl, etc. etc...I even saw a couple of performances (likeRaphael Saadiq!)...BUT I missed Solange and Jazmine Sullivan!! (sigh)

Thank God for YouTube! Becuz during Solange's performances some random guy just hops on stage!?! WTF? But Solo was cool about cuz I thought she was gon' pull a straight Beyonce and send him to the left, to the left! I know I would have...People are loco.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Garnier Fructis Flow: Memphis Bleek

All I can say is "Woooooooowww" in my Flava flav voice. Memphis Bleek aka Jay-Z's labelmate/protege/wingman/rapper is featured in the 'Garnier Fructis Flow' commercial?!? I think this is just a YouTube thing but if not I can't hate its kinda catchy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Coldest Winter Ever Sequel!

Sistah Soulja, no relation to the 'Crank Dat prince', finally plans to release the sequel to the Coldest Winter Ever this Fall! The sequel to the bestseller is supposed to be called Midnight: A Gangsta Love Story. Hmmm...I'll write later on that title. I just hope the sequel lives up to the...prequel?? Uh, the first one.

The Coldest Winter Ever (C.W.E.) was the book!! (back in the day, I even got my book signed by the Sistah herself!- nerdy. i know.) Anyway, if you haven't read C.W.E. get with it! What ever happened to the movie??

Ashmalli did they have this in Guyana? aahaha!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

MG* Spy!!

Orange ya glad you read Material Girl!! Sorry had to go there. Anyway it appears that orange is the new black. These divas were spotted around the globe rockin there orange fits. It's nice to see a new color 'en vogue.

*click on the pic to make it bigger. ; )

Cassie: No TALENT Needed

Even Lil Wayne sounds bad on this song. Apparently, NO Talent is the new black and Cassie and Angela Simmons are in style. But one of Russell's nieces (cue Kanye West's 'Put On' verse) is another topic. Cassie absolutely ruined this song and as a homage to true talent you will only hear real talent being played on this blog, if there's any left.

THE REAL TALENT Karina Paisan already recorded this song and killed it! LISTEN to Karina Pasian - Official Girl

I think I may wear black the rest of the week to pay my respect to the talented music. Somebody please find these two, they're needed in the music game right now.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Material Dolls!

LISTEN to The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up (Megamix feat. Eve, Darkchild, Diddy, Lil Wayne & Fat Man Scoop)

'When I Grow Up'... I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star...well not really. But, I love this song. I mean the remix makes it HOT! It's funny cause is it me or does Diddy being on this song make you think of Danity Kane? It kinda makes me wanna compare the two groups. This song is the shit regardless, makes me wanna work out. Hahaha...yea.

Oh yea whatever happened to the girl that won the PCD contest to be in the group??

Friday, July 25, 2008

style smile :)

So I always wanted to rock a cummerbund. Yea, those things that go around the waist on a men's tuxedo. But I didn't want to wear it the traditional way. --->
Cuz um, besides being boring, that would be WEAK!!! So I kinda let the idea go until I thought of something better. I mean I really have been coming across some nice ones. Most cummerbunds come in vibrant colors and sometimes hot prints, because with a tux, this is usually the piece that ties it all together besides the tie. (like this hot couple-> lol!)

Recently in my daily search for HoT SHIT! I came across the most unlikely source for inspiration. Thomas Pink. No it's not some gay internet blogger it's actually an acclaimed clothing line that appears to be based out of London!?! Who knew? I didn't. Anywho, look what I found....pure Hotness!!
Why didn't I think of this? Well there you go. Look out for Materials Girls everywhere rockin' this smle style :)

OH YEA THIS OUR 125th post!!! GO US!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MG* Still Stylin' U!

What Up? What Up? Just felt like sayin that...hahah! Anyway, so if you're anything like us you are kinda hooked on 'The Hills'. I think we all have had a "Brody" or a friend like Audrina and a _____ like Heidi Montag in our lives! Well now the link between our realities will be alot smaller. LC has her own clothing line so now we too can walk around like the LC of our city.
*P.S. LC already has started her clothing line but it's news to us so we hope its news to yall!

check her out....

Monday, July 07, 2008

MG* Stylin on U!

We found this hot youtube video that shows us how to get one of the many looks of Mrs. Knowles-Carter, her elegant braid updo. We also found some other celebs rockin' a similar style. This look may be do-able, you should try it too!

MG* Update Ya!: J. Sullivan

This girl is headed for the top! Her song 'I Need You Bad' is already in heavy rotation and we hear she's a musical genius so we can expect more where that came from. Go Jazmine, you are an official Material Girl*

Friday, May 30, 2008

HAHHAHA--Ask Weezy...Yeah!

HA! on a lighter note, there is a God!! ahaha...just watch and laugh...


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fetish or Fly??

Who do we have to thank for these painfully hot shoes?? Mr. Christian Louboutin himself! Pictured above are his latest attributes to his art exhibit with David Lynch. The appropriately named "Fetish" exhibit can be seen in Paris. Crazy aren't they? Remember back when Mrs. Knowles-Carter did videos for most of her songs of the B'day album? She also featured similar shoes and we were surprised then. These shoes could be the brink of a new trend. Ladies, for our sake, let's hope not. Thats one trend we won't be following.

Although, we usually like the outcome this master of shoes designs comes up with, we cannot condone these painfully-fly shoes, no matter how hot they are we'll stick with the other designs there are, "semi-painfully-fly."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So, there has been talk all over about this new couple and honestly it was hard to believe at first. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say. People Magazine is reporting wedding pics. (cue the horror scream) It has even been said that they have tattoos! The newly married diva has "Mrs. Cannon", while Nick has "Mariah" tatted somewhere...ugh the cliche. We're just happy to see Mariah happy...and as for Nick, well....Well 'Jayonce' better move over because it looks like getting married is in this season...

New Music Review: Solange!

Can we just say that this behind the scenes is way better than BET's Access Granted. In the 4 minute video, we saw the light, CNN that is. Anyway, we digress, told yall Sol-angel was doin her thing!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

MG* Girl Spy!

Solange & Lala- These lovely ladies were spotted looking cute coming from a night out. Lala is probably just tryna have some fun after all the drama thats been going on w/ hottie husband Carmelo Anthony. Say it ain't so! The two mothers definitely look great! Oh yea, be sure to check for Solange's latest single 'I Decided'...

Alicia Keys- As some of you may know Ms. Keys is on tour, don't forget to check her out! She was recently spotted rockin' the cutest stone wash jeans on the set of 106th & Park last week. Hot Hot Hot...does playin' the piano make u this hot? if so we need lessons! :)

Nicole Ritchie- Did she really have a baby like a few months ago her and Jlo look great post-pregnancy. Miss Ritchie was spotted with baby Harlow in LA. Happy to see her out and about; Britney Spears is getting annoying!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Music Review: Santogold!

Ever heard of Santogold?? No? You've been deprived. :) She's the hottest thing since sliced bread. She's got swagg like Kelis mixed with a cool sound like M.I.A. Although, she definitely defies music genres, Santogold creates her own sound. Believe us she's the next big thing...listen to our favorite song by her...

Sex and the City! the movie

Remember when we told yall about the SATC movie?? Well, we're back to update ya! SATC the movie is set to drop on MAY 30th!!!! Excuse us while we go pick out the right shoes for the premier...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MG* 'Update Ya': Tiffany Evans

She's only 15 but she's grown. The young adult Tiffany Evans is back with her latest single that is just as catchy as the last one. "I'm Grown" features Bow Weezy and shows Tiffany's vocal talent, the girl got skills...

Friday, February 22, 2008

MG* Whatcha Think?!?

Can You Tell Which One Costs More??

Hint*- One shoe choice goes for about $110! While the other is crafted out of the finest leathers (
both are leather forms) and retails for $650! Mmmm, it isn't always what you think! So, don't judge a book, or a shoe by its cover!

MG* 'Update Ya': 2 Kings Dinner: Update!!**

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

**UPDATE!!** So, recently we posted the picture of Beyonce and G. Union at Jay-Z's 2 Kings dinner. We were absolutely infatuated with the black & white pumps she wore. We did some research and for starters those are Chanel originals that retail for about $895! The pic on the left is straight from their website...the smaller pic; far right, is our cheaper comparison. Baaaaallliinnnn on a budget ain't easy, but we try to make it work! You can find the budget choice at Nine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Material Girl*: Ashmalli!

Material Girl interview:

Name: Ashmalli
Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Where u from?

Guyana, South America living in NYC

Shoes u wore today?
Hush Puppy comfy winter boots.

Your favorite Material?
I'd have to say Chiffon. I just think it makes a great anything and can make any outfit completely dressed up.

"Can't live without... A cool pair of skinny jeans. They're perfect for summer nights, pumps and all. Not to mention winter days tucked into boots.

“In my past life I was... Myself. Really! I couldn't picture me being anyone else.

"In my Material World...
Everyone would be able to go to the store, pick up whatever they wanted, and walk on out. LOL!

“I’m a Material Girl because…
I simply enjoy the finer things in life :)

"My Material Girl ( tip is... or Your Favorite quote...

“Make yourself happy, it's all that matters in the end.” I live by this one because in order for others to even make you happy, you must 1st know how to do so yourself.

MG* 'Update Ya': 2 Kings Dinner

Recently, Beyonce & Gabrielle Union were 2 Queens spotted at Jay Z's annual 2 Kings Dinner. They look fabulous, but Miss Knowles is killin' them softly with those black & white pumps!! We will update this post as soon as we find out who designed those babies...UPDATED!! check newer posts ; )

MG* New Music Review: Ashanti!

Even though this song is still growing on us, we thought u might wanna see it! However you feel about the song, Ashanti looks nice. Very Glam!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

HAPPY Valentine's Day: CELEB GRAMMY Style

Image and video hosting by TinyPic! We spotted all the HOT couples at the Grammies. Yep, Yep, that is Chris Breezy!

Fergie & Fiancee- Fergie and the love of her life were looking not so clumsy at a Grammy after party; she is now engaged, to actor Josh Duhamel. Nice looking couple.

C.Brown & RiRi- Well he did say she could be his Cinderella on the "Umbrella" RMX. Guess he meant it. : ) They make an interesting couple. Lately they have been seen all over together. Sources say they even have matching star tattoos...Sound familiar...yea, "that" couple's up next...

JZ & Beyonce- were looking absolutely fab! They were spotted at a Grammy after party taking candids. Nice color choice Bey, we don't see yellow everyday!

New Music Review: Miss E RMX!

Okay so, some of you club goers may have heard the original version of this song but have you heard the remix? Didn't think so...For the REmiX Missy called up Cici and the Young Hova to grace the track. They do pretty well considering the beat is crazy...Listen and review. Ciara has been remixing a lot this year she also remixes Janet's "Feedback".

Hate it OR Luv it?!?!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

MG* for a Cause!

Although, we won't tell you who to vote for, it's nice to know who we have to choose from. Cool video...Barack the vote!

MG* 'Update Ya': Superbowl!

Just when u thought the Superbowl didn't have Material Girls! Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks hold it down! They are some of the reported performers of the Superbowl!

MG* 'Update Ya': Janelle Monae

What's this we hear? Janelle Monae may be signed to Bad Boy Ent!(B.B.E.) Go Diddy! (for recognizing true talent) Anywho, Miss Monae, a sorta neo-soul rock-a-billy influenced artist, recently performed in NYC and some sources are hinting that she may be the newest addition to B.B.E. Interesting, we never pictured her signing with Diddy but it is kinda HOT! when u think about it!?!
"And when his newest act, the OutKast-influenced Janelle Monae, flaunted her unique talent with a lively performance, Diddy stood up on the booth where he was seated and cheered her on."
: Hip Hop Elements

If you think u could rock with her catch her latest news @ her fan site...

MG* Spy!

Mariah Carey!- "MG* & Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers..." haha! Anywho, M.C. was spotted spending $$ like its going out of style in Cali recently. Sources say she hit up the Gucci store and a few other boutiques. That's a true Material Girl for ya!

Lil Kim!- Kim and Marc Jacobs were doing it big once again, leaving us all green with envy! Kim showed her support to the famous designer at his exclusive screening of his documented life with Louis Vuitton.

Jennifer Lopez!- Jenny from the block is about to be Mommy from the block! The paparazzi caught the mother to be in NYC doing a little last minute shopping. JLo is said to be pregnant with twins! Congrats!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MG* Spy

It's some of our favorite Material Girls* out and about again...

Ashanti!- was spotted hosting a club event in Vegas [baby]! We love her dress, but we would have liked to see a different color choice. Push the limit! We love it when starlets arrive to events with hot pink gowns to the red carpet and crazy designs...test the waters!! we ♥ it anyway.

Kelly!- Miss Kelly was spotted out and about, looking absolutely fabulous! Is that a Fendi bag? nice!

Miss Lohan!- has been spotted all over NYC which is kinda out of the norm since she's usually in L.A. Lately she's been linked to Brody :) from The Hills (MTV)...mmm not the couple we woulda matched up but hey, he's a cutie!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Material Girl*: Jordan

Material Girl Interview:

Name: Jordan
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Where u from?:
I am from MD.
Your favorite Material?:
My favorite material is fur its so rich and lush
Shoes u wore today?:
today I wore brown leather jeffery cambell oxfords.
"Can't live without...
I cant live without cool vintage boots they go with anything every season"
“In my past life I was...
In my past life I was Josephine baker she was so raunchy but at the same time so classy."
"In my Material World...
My favorite place to shop is the thrift store you always find cool one of a kind things."
"My Material Girl ( tip is...
beauty is from the inside out.”

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MG* 'Update Ya': Louis V. Jewels!

Okay so, we all have peeped Pharrell's fashion sense. But, we weren't the only ones who have paid attention to the music icon's wardrobe taste. Designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, digged his swag so much that Louis Vuitton teamed up with the fashion N.E.R.D. to design an exclusive jewelry line for their Spring 2008 collection. Above is our fave pick out of the collection thus far...Who doesn't want their own personal Angel? and the Angel bears a 'flawless' gift!?! We'll take it!

You can read more about the jewelry line Pharrell help to design @ the BBC blog...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

MG* 'Update Ya': Marc Jacobs Spring 08

Fashion is art. It's that simple. Marc Jacobs depicts that statement with his latest shoe designs for Spring 2008, which have critics raving! MG* scoped out the spring line and was highly impressed. The fashion forecasts for the Spring 2008 included pastel colors, more feminine trends. But there weren't many fashion gurus that coulda predicted the evolution of the classic pump. Although, there were a lot of critic comparisons to designer Junko Shimada who prouced a similar design, Super Designer Marc Jacobs has literally made it damn near impossible to walk in anyone else's footsteps... These shoes will retail for about $600. It's still Winter, so we definitely have time to plan and save...

MG* New Music Review: Estelle!

Estelle is the best thing smokin'! She's from across the pond and possesses all the UK swag. Her music style is like Lauryn Hill from the Fugee days meets the style of Kelis! As a faithful reader of our blog, MG* is sure you've probably heard her latest single, "Wait a Minute", from our music player to the right ; )--->... Estelle follows up with her next single, "American Boy" featuring Mr. West. It's HOT! and Kanye definitely stepped his game up on this track and it's truly complimented by Estelle's lyrics. You can hear both tracks on her upcoming album debuting in February!

Want more Estelle...hit up her MySpace, it has everything Estelle...

MG* 'Update Ya': Vsmile!

According to Dr. Christine Northrup, You can make your "lower heart smile". Gives a whole new meaning to Vsmile,huh? Haha! We spotted the coolest video clip at our new favorite site Jezebel. It shows Oprah and Dr. Northrup inner smiling! Haha! All you have to do is follow a couple of breathing techniques. We haven't tried it yet, but you try it for yourself...First, 'Tyra smiles with her eyes on ANTM, now this...:)

I [lower] ♥ MG*! haha...

MG* Spy: New Look for 2008

the smaller pics are the before looks...

As you can see, January didn't just mean new year. It also meant a new look for some of your favorite celebs. For Ashlee Simpson and Beyonce, darker hues translate to sultry-incognito beginnings. As for the songstress we always seem to questionably love, Amy Winehouse went for the peroxide-blonde look, and we hear that she dyed it this way "because [she] felt like it"...we couldn't have posed a better reason...

Wanna keep tabs on these chicas personally? Search for their fan sites, you'd be surprised.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

MG* 'Update Ya': Sex and the City

Spending time at home recently, MG* had time to catch up on the reruns of Sex and the City, which prompted the curiosity for the movie debut. For those of you like MG*; who breathe Sex and the City, you've probably heard some of the buzz about the Sex and the City movie. We chose not to post info about it before because we honestly didn't want to spoil the plot. But, as you can see that didn't last long, here are the movie pics. The release of the movie is going to be like the discovery of the holy grail for us; unbelievably wonderful...we think we may O.D. on Carrie's wardrobe...can't wait.

The movie is supposed to debut this Spring...

MG* New Music Review: Kelly Rowland


Add to My Profile | More Videos
You may have heard this song play on our profile from the music player to the right... But, now Ms. Kelly has debuted the video for her single Daylight ft. Gym Class Heroes. The cool part is, the video is everything we thought it would look like...nice

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MG* New Music Review: Erykah Badu!

Erykah Badu- She's baaaaaaccckk. Badu returns with a smooth single that's sweet like 'Honey'. It's almost Badu time and this time around Badu has a lot more to say. According to, Badu plans to drop a double disk album. Nu AmErykah, as titled is slated to hit stores Feb. 26. For more info on the neo-soul diva hit up her myspace...and check out all the artwork on her page.

MG* Stylin' Profilin': Jil Sander

Remember that movie 'The Ring'? the one with the creepy little girl? Well Jil Sander definitely takes us there in a fashionably cool way. She transforms traditional apparel shapes with textures and colors, critics say her collection has "purity". Indeed, She's HOT! tell everybody MG* told ya! Lol! She also designs some fierce shoes that also kinda redefines the traditional stiletto! Pictured above is a taste of the Spring/ Summer 2008 collection, we thought it was the coolest, but she has so much more to offer...

Visit Jil Sander Couture...

MG* Spy!

Nicole n'Joel- are going to be he most interesting parents in 2008. Congrats are in order to the new parents, they gave birth a baby girl who they named, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. That's a mouth full! But its actually kinda cool, we'd love to hear the back story on that. Congrats!

BET Honors- BET recently held a honors award ceremony in Washington, DC. Black Star Power was in full effect with celebrities such Alicia Keys, Dr. Cornell West, Tyra Banks, and so many more. Congrats to all the honorees!

Jessica Simpson
- Ms. Simpson was seen in Hollywood looking naturally fab. Not much else to say about this diva except, 'is this bag a part of the Jessica Simpson accessories collection?' Probably not ;( we still luv ya Jess!

Jay-Z n' Beyonce
- Hip Hop's favorite couple, Jayonce was seen attending a couple of fashion shows in Milan, for Milan fashion week. We like the black hair on Beyonce and Jay always cleans up well. Nice!

MG* New Music Review: Trina!

Miss Trina is back and according to her new single she's 'Single Again'. MG* has definitely had Trina on the radar lately with all the new buzz pics that have been floating around, she looks great! It looks like her recent breakup from rapper Lil' Wayne has done her some good. As for the new single, we can't admit that we were feeling right away, but it didn't take long for us to start feeling it, it's kinda cool. Maybe this is the vibe we can expect from her next LP "The Baddest B!#h 2", set to hit stores Feb. 12. We posted the behind the scenes footage from her latest video and you can keep tabs on the 'Baddest B!#h' on her MySpace...

Friday, January 04, 2008

MG* 'Update Ya': HM

HM does it again! This time the trendy retail store is promoting Aids awareness. You may have remember the Gap did similar with their 'inspi(red)' collection. HM plans to release the limited collection at the top of 2008. HOT! Here's what was said from HM:

"HM and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) are joining forces in the battle against AIDS and are launching a collection for guys and girls together with Rihanna, Timbaland and other well-known designers, musicians and artists. The aim is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, which affects many young people all over the world. The collection “Fashion Against AIDS” will be available in HM’s Divided departments from February 2008."


MG*: Kelis

Kelis is wonderful for this. This dress is the MG* choice ensemble of New Year Eve 2008! This dress came close to Christina Milian's dress (that can be seen in the previous post). "Anyway, Kelis who are you wearing?"

Thursday, January 03, 2008

MG*: Party like a Rockstar! NYE*

Just in case you were wondering where Eve or Beyonce spent their New Year's Eve, we posted it for you. Lol! We found some of the Material Girls bringing in 2008 right!

Miami- If you were in the MIA, you would have been warm, but you also might have spotted celebs like Ms. Milian, Eve and the baby simpson herself, Ashlee. They look great! ♥ that dress Christina!! Herve Leger?? maybe.

Las Vegas- In Vegas the Knowles sisters partied in the brand new 40/40 club with JayZ, Lebron and a host of other celeb friends.
Also in Vegas Miss Carey hosted Tao nightclub with other celebs as well. nice.

New York- MJB seen adjusting her crown, rang in 2008 sanging! lol

MG* Stylin: Sneak Peak!

Ok Girls, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a stylish sneaker! These are the latest kicks MG* found at our newest web guilty pleasure Hit them up, their site is HOT! and trust us these kicks we found were just a taste of all they have to offer...

MG* Happy Holidaze!!

Happppy New Year!: "think great in 2008"