Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Personal...

Solange performing at Stone Soul Picnic.

So usually I blog about everything & everyone else. But, when I saw this YouTube video I straight lmao!

Like two weeks ago
Washington, DC held its annual Stone Soul Picnic for all the locals- like me! Even though I was late as usual, I still rolled down there with some of my favorite buddies.(in the HEAT! damn it was HOT!) It was pretty cool b/c honestly its been a while since I saw ppl I knew, hung w/ my favs, laughed at ppl, etc. etc...I even saw a couple of performances (likeRaphael Saadiq!)...BUT I missed Solange and Jazmine Sullivan!! (sigh)

Thank God for YouTube! Becuz during Solange's performances some random guy just hops on stage!?! WTF? But Solo was cool about cuz I thought she was gon' pull a straight Beyonce and send him to the left, to the left! I know I would have...People are loco.

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Teems said...

I just moved to the DC area. Is that where you are? Imma need people to put me onto the "spots".