Monday, October 13, 2008

21 and I realized...

Soooo recently, MG* has celebrated all the homies bdays!! Yay we're legal right? But what does it mean when you're of age and you have not reached the things you thought you would have?!? Do you still reach for them or do you re-prioritize? Maybe its both; set sail in motion and reach to achieve.

'Thangs aint what they used to be huh?' Can someone please take us back to the days of double-dutch and Lisa Frank school supplies?? Cuz this grown up stuff is rocky. But hey, at least we can order life on the rocks now! hah!


Teems said...

I know the feeling....each year was "my year" lol

but hey you reprioritize UNTIL to reach what you want. There should always be something to reach keeps us going. When its our time, with effort, it will happen!

P.N.* said...

Peach TEEMS preach! "OUR year" is coming! haaha thanx for da comment!