Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nene of Real Housewives of Atlanta...

And the 2008 'Keepin it Real' Award goes to....
(drumroll please!)

Nene! At first I must say she was one to question. I mean those low cut tops, flamboyant attitude and mannerisms to match were, umm.... well let's just say they were "interesting". But she kept the entertainment going. And when it came to setting the record straight, homegirl took the cake and got Kim outta here!
("...how small of you...you look rediculous!")- Nene to Kim

and let's face it Kim's song, "Like a Tightrope" was like walking a tightrope over the firey pits of hell, Oh the agony!

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I saw Nene in a nightclub in Prive! She had short hair then, but it was amazing! :)